Give Me A Smile!


We all have things we do before any big date or important event. The checklist includes various personal hygiene and beauty procedures that ensure we show up feeling confident. While many of us feel that we can boost our confidence through grooming, we may have reservations about our smiles. If we felt more confident about our teeth, we would be more willing to smile, and consequently, have a better time when we went out.

I got my first teeth whitening five years ago. After my dentist, Dr. Joe D’Angelo  finished making my personalized bleaching trays, I owned a set that would fit precisely on my teeth for as long as I need them. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to whiten my smile in my own home. All I had to do was put the bleaching solution in the trays, pop the trays in my mouth, and sleep in them. The next morning, I woke up to a sparkling white smile.

This simple procedure has made a difference in the way I smile every day. I love getting compliments on my smile. I do touch-up whitening using my trays before big interviews, parties, and dates with my boyfriend. On our first date, I felt that I could smile and laugh with no restraints because I was confident in my smile. He loved my big smile from the first date! In fact, he loved it so much that after a few dates with me, he made an appointment to get bleaching trays from Dr. Joe D’Angelo, too. Being able to smile together with no restraints is a something that I am grateful for. It is amazing how smiling, like laughing, is contagious.


Is your smile ready to be kissed?


A smile is the first thing you might notice about your Valentine. So what is it that makes a smile attractive?

“It has been proven that men and women are more attractive to the opposite sex when they have a genuine smile,” said Dr. Ashley Olson of D’Angelo Olson La Jolla Dentistry. “Your eyes and spirit are drawn to someone who is smiling because a smile radiates positive energy that makes others feel good. When a person smiles, they appear warm and friendly and are much more approachable. In addition, a beautiful smile can make you appear more intelligent, successful and interesting.”

Olson said a smile that shows a person’s teeth is more inviting to the person receiving the smile. “Teeth not only indicate good health, but they are also the focal point of a smile,” explained Olson. “The amount of upper and lower teeth that show in a smile is a key factor. Tooth shape is also a very important element. Rounded edges can make smiles look more feminine, while straight edges create a more masculine look. In our office, we evaluate how many teeth you display when you smile and how your lips will help set the stage for a terrific smile.”

And when that perfect smile is present, the perfect kiss may not be far behind. “Having confidence that our teeth and gums are healthy and our breath is fresh is an important part of the formula of attraction,” Olson said. “If a person is self- conscious about how their smile looks or how their breath smells, they may be less likely to be emotionally present in an intimate moment. Any sense of hesitation from a partner kills the mood. The best thing you can do to ensure you have a kissable smile is make sure you visit a dentist for routine cleanings and exams and also do your part at home by brushing and flossing daily.

“Kissing is absolutely healthy as it releases hormones like serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin that elevates your mood and can relax, restore, and revitalize you — similar to the benefits you get from exercising. Kissing also reduces stress by lowering cortisol levels (stress hormones).”

Olson, along with Dr. Joseph D’Angelo at the La Jolla office, can help bring about a person’s smile and confidence in just a handful of office visits.

“In our office, we will address your concerns and do our part in helping you feel confident and beautiful when you smile,” said Olson. “Whether you want a whiter smile, straighter teeth, or an improved shape of your teeth, we can help. When it comes to designing your new smile, we seek to create harmony and symmetry with your facial features. There is an underlying scientific and mathematical basis of beauty that we follow called ‘golden proportions.’ We aim to create a smile that fits to the overall proportions of the face and blends in gracefully.”

After Valentine’s Day, take that smile into daily life – it won’t let you down.

“An attractive and inviting smile reflects health, youth, and vitality, and can make a tremendous difference in your personal life. The next time you are about to ask someone out or are on a date, smile,” Olson suggested. “It’s contagious. You’ll feel great and you’ll share your happiness with others around you.”



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